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I actually worked at this kindercare for a little while. The director was AWEFUL!

She talked behind everyone's back, even parents of the children! The teachers there were nice to adults but were VERY rude to the children, I even saw a few of them thump children on the head or hand as a punishment. They were always yelling at the children and saying how *** they were and how they just wanted the children to go home and smoke ***. THEY DO NOT TEACH YOUR CHILD ANYTHING!

All they do is somewhat supervise your child from the time you drop them off until you pick them up. I finally quit this job when Tina, the director started being really rude to me and cut my hours causing me to lose my insurance

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I actually believe this lady. I went into this daycare Bout 4 years ago looking for my son.

I walked in ( let in by another parent and no one noticed) the front office was empty. I say and waited and watched. The teachers were not yelling but not nice either. I got and icky feeling and left before I spoke to anyone.

I went again 2 years later. This daycare is literally a 2 mins walk from my house so as you can see its very convient. Anyhow I went again after my daughter was born, looking for her. Again got an icky feeling.

Even the director wasn't very pleasant. Now, we recently moved back and the daycare that we LOVE is full and we are on the waiting list. Needless to say I am giving it a try and today I broke down in tears to the director because I've caught the teachers being nasty so many times. I'm disgusted and sad I have no where else to take her.

The other daycares I. The area all have complaints if they aren't 400 a week ):

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