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KinderCare in Fairfax, Virginia - *** in Management

A friend of mine works at one of the KinderCare locations in Northern Virginia. Recently, when she came down ill and brought her director a doctor's note instructing her to stay home, she was met with a situation that basically threatened her job. Her director told her she wouldn't be needed the following week anyway. My friend began asking the other KinderCare directors in the area if she could work some hours to keep her income. When her director learned that a few of the other directors really wanted her on a full-time basis, my friend was begged not to leave her current center and given additional hours in the following weeks. While this helped my friend financially, this sort of management seems very unprofessional. Why would you tell an employee you might not need them working and then beg them not to take a better job offer?
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Don't be rude, i've had the same sort of stuff happen to me that's why I left . im not going to be associated with a company who is only worried about what corporate and what they say and think.


With your spelling and grammar you have no business working in kindercare and working with our children. Also childish name calling do you really approve of the childish name calling the OP is doing that is being a poor role model for children.


Really? A Friend of yours?

or is this you?

Think it is the later.......why do you think they did this? Why don't you just come out and say it.......they already know who wrote this.

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This is a current complaint (Dec. 2013). As a former parent of that sad place, Sheree Berry, the center director, has lied to my face more times than I can count about injuries my child suffered there in the Pre-K class (don't tell me that's not a *** mark when I can...
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My child currently attends this KinderCare in Fairfax and I have not had the same problems. I've personally always found Sheree and the teachers to be warm and personable.

And even though they juggle a lot with all of the students, everyone seems professional and friendly. I guess every experience is different.

My husband and I went to many daycares before deciding on Fairfax KinderCare for our infant. We are happy with our choice!

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Please change the center director Kathy Owens,what she care is about how much money she can get for the child care center. I don't think that she is the right person to handle this job, she don't care about children and I believe she don't care about her...
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I am considering either transferring my daughter to another Kindercare center or placing her in a non-corporate one. It's a shame that the new female director of the West Springfield, Va.

center seems to have a "Napolean" complex and scolded my daughter's wonderful teacher in front of me this week, as well.

I have spoken to the DM, who seems reasonable. Anyone else have issues with the new director and the new, gloomy mood at the center?

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