We were threatend by the admistrator if we didn't stay past our working time,without pay, it would be reported we were adbandoning the children. This admin.

hardly ever spoke to the children. She's a "me, me, me" person with only her own welfare in sight. She is a two faced ***. These are just a few reason's I left this Kindergarten.

Also, there was an incident where a caregiver in the baby room used Benadril to keep the kids quiet. I suggest any parent with a baby in Kindercare keep a close watch on that baby.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #195789

Cathy, I think that the person making the reply wanted to know which parent complained so she could get revenge and lie about her abusing the baby. There was no abuse at all, she just wanted to lie to get the mother in trouble because the mother cost her her job.

If there were two of you why could one of you not stay with the children and the other get the food for the both of you? You were accused of child abandonment because you actually abandoned the children. Glad they fired you two. What you did was dangerous and obviously you don't care about children.

Even if it was only intended you be gone for 15 minutes that is way too long. Even five minutes out of the building is too long.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #195787

What if what while you left one of those children were injured? What if fire broke out and they could not get out of their cribs? If you really think the parent is shaking the baby than why not report them reguardless of whether they complained or not.


Are you flipping crazy. you should be fired. Save us all from you, stay away from children

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #195509

The reason they fired me was because I got back at them by feeding Benadril to babies to keep them quiet. I left the place of work just to get something to eat, and one of the parents complained that I abandoned the children.

I asked who it was so I could lie to CPS and say that I have fears of them shaking the baby, but my employer refused to tell me which parent reported me. I only fed tge children that Benadril to keep them quiet while I get something to eat so someone does not check up on them. They are babies, what trouble can they get into when they are in cribs, but one of the parents reported us. The person who write this letter and I were the only ones in charge of the baby room there were two babies when we left to get something to eat and we were only gone 15 minutes, which turned out to be longer since Mcdonalds was busy.

So both the letter writer and i were fired for child endangermant and child abandonment.

They are also charging us with giving the children BABY's Benadril. This location is in New York City New York.

Thanks for reading our letter.

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