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March 2019. I got a call from the teacher stating my child kicked another child in the face.

When I asked what happened he decided to let my 5year old tell me. The story my child told had nothing to do with the accusations. I then spok back with the teacher I asked him what happened he said “didn’t your son tell u.” And told me that he did not see it. I asked him how he write it up he did not witness it and he told me bye have a nice day and hung up in my face.

I called back to speak to director she listened. And said that if the teacher didn’t witness it that I won’t have to sign a report. When I went to pick my child up I noticed he was crying and had bruised eye. I asked him what happened he told me the teacher done it.

The way he demonstrated and the bruising let me know it was a hard impact. He claims they were playing dodge ball. He was not cooperative. I called the cops.

The cops asked him why didn’t he file a report knowing that he hit my child but filed report on my child for something he didn’t witness. The teacher response was they only file report when there is bruising bleeding etc. The corporate pretended to investigate. They told me after a week that the teacher will be returning to work in same class.

There’s no words to describe how I feel. They have not considered the safety of my son. The assault on my 5year old son by a teacher that was not reported. The safety of other children.

They used another teacher for a witness that sis not see the incident. And not one *** time have they apologized for my baby becoming a victim. I HATE KINDERCARE. they are going to pay.

I have had problems with them for a while now. For many of things and No one showed concern for the interest of my child. The only reason why my child attended that long is because of him adjusting new environment. But since he got assaulted by a teacher.

I don’t feel safe with not just the teacher but the staff in general who backed him up so I have been seeking a new center and IWILL BE PRESSING CHARGES TO THE MAX ON THAT *** Everyone who play a role in that weak investigation WILL GO DOWN. I SEE WHY THEY DIDN’T HAVE CAMERAS KINDERCARE IS THE DEVILS PLAYGROUND. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD THERR IF YOU LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT POST VIDEO OR PICTURES BECAUSE THE CASE IS FRESH.



Product or Service Mentioned: Kindercare Manager.

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That is terrible!


Take whatever actions you deem necessary, but I suspect there is much more to this story than you are telling us. From your description of events, it appears we are dealing with an overly-protective mother whose child can do no wrong.