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With numerous complaints/concerns in regards to injury and lack of supervision along with other things but Safety concerns being the biggest concern, i have found that in our 8 month almost tenure here at Kindercare ( we are slated to leave in 2 weeks, Phew!) it is getting worse. We have brought to the directors attention as well as the district manager's attention the safety issues and numerous incident reports we get which are consistent in nature of not knowing how these accidents occur as the staff is busy doing something else, we are left getting resistance and unprofessional remarks from the director at hand.

When we are called to get our child we get one story from who is in the room and in charge at that time, when we go back the next day to speak with the director and see what happened story's change, more coached and refined. The director is non professional and has limited experience, we were already told she was an up and coming and put in her position as she was administratively strong. We have paperwork, emails, video's, pictures to support our case of a negligent environment in which the director will pacify you with the standard, we are looking into it, we are investigating, we are working with our team, only for the same situations to occur again and be given the same response. We have now become the shunned ones in which when we do bring something to her attention we get a response with an attitude and her letting us know that we can do whatever and call and report to whoever because she is clean along with telling us we must like them because we chose to be there.

True, our child has a very few good teachers but the ones that shouldn't be there are covered up by the director instead of handling the situation at hand. i could go on with 8 months worth of every week to every other week details , dates injurys and emails and phone calls placed. This last turn the director did not want to speak anymore by email as she was exhausted and thought it was non productive only wanted to speak in person ( why is that?) Do your homework!

Talk to local people in the area, anyone can present a great walk through and tour it is behind the scenes you need to be aware of. Picture of most recent injury that was downplayed by facility and cannot give an accurate recording of what happened once more.

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Addison, Texas, United States #1276175

Has your state licencing department not investigated? As an Early Childhood educator for the past 25 years, I am a mandatory reporter, and have made reports over the years.

Our center mandatory self reports for issues, when they arrive, which they are bound to when you're dealing with small humans.

It's true that sometimes they deem a report unnecessary for follow-up, but they ALWAYS investigate marks on children in person.

Encinitas, California, United States #1265572

I am an employee / teacher of kinder care. You are right about what you are saying. Please understand as teachers we are blamed and demoted if we actually report the truth of what happens in classrooms.

New Haven, Connecticut, United States #1197192

I have the same concerns about KinderCare in North Haven CT. A child has been bitten 7 different times and the bitter still remains in the school.

The school seems dirty and under staffed during the summer months. I know a number of children left within the last 2 months and now I am considering to remove my daughter from the school as well.

What are the regulations about kids biting and leak of supervision? Is there any legal consequences to the school?


Why would you continue bringing your child there if this place is TRULY as bad as you claim it is?

to Anonymous #1162207

Some teachers are good and some are not so good, we as well attend kindercare here and are in search of another. we have seen the way things have been handled with some parents with concerns and it left us questioning if this was the right place for our daughter was well

to Anonymous Glastonbury, Connecticut, United States #1162438

Sorry to hear that, hopefully your child is at the speaking age in where she can tell you what is going on if need be.

to Anonymous #1162447

To follow up on this question, in which this is the daycare director that posted that question, she uses this phrase every time you bring something to her attention. You are correct, Why?

Why because we entrusted in the director and Regional Director to follow through with their promises by phone and email with their plan of action to correct the safety situations and add more supervision when we addressed them and each time they happened we would get the same response so yes i failed as a parent believing that what we were told would be handled and by addressing concerns they would be fixed. We should have taken him out long ago, probably at the point where he had 3 incidents in a 2 week span with the same teacher and that same teacher also lied about an injury, upon picking up our child we noticed a large lump/bruise on his right side of his frontal face when inquired with the previous Assistant Director and teacher they indicated the morning teacher stated he was dropped off like that, which was in no way the truth. The resolution, the director told us it was a miscommunication as the teacher did not say that to the Assistant Director she said she didnt know where it came from. Again i can go on with written proof, picture and emails but its beating a dead horse.

Ironically I read a post form a Director at a kindercare in this forum in which she said the company is not bad there are good directors out there and what we as parents should be doing is holding the director responsible by speaking up and being the change so corporate can make a change. Well here is how that turned out for us. We spoke up, we followed every protocol as we were advised, sent the information to the state, send it to corporate, sought out legal assistance and brought the safety violations up to their accreditation. So by doing all of this in so, in turn yesterday we were asked to leave and not have our son spend the rest of his time there, their reasoning they feel belittled in some of the comments made by my husband well if questioning your directorship and the teachers hands that are at fault for these incidences makes you feel uncomfortable and belittled then there is more to the story.

This was this Kindercares way of turning the situation around so in turn it didnt look like they were retaliating for us bringing these situations about. So question right back, if you TRULY felt uncomfortable and belittled you and your staff why wait until the the end of the week that we filed everything with proof, why wouldn't you have asked us to vacate earlier and put your staff at risk for feeling uncomfortable along with yourself? And of course it was referenced my husband why him why not me, i also have been upset when my son has mysterious injury's and questioned everything and made comments about things not being handled correctly, i will tell you why, because it is easier to say you are uncomfortable with a male and use that.

The scary part is someone asked me yesterday why are they focused more on the parent than what is going on with the child and fixing it? I don't know...

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