Las Vegas, Nevada
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my 2 kids are constantly getting injured scrapes , bitten, bumps and bruises, soiled diapers. Bad attitude of teachers, But not all of them there were some that were nice.

Some are just too young to be in decision makings and constant supervision is just so poor by some of the young ones that I observed. So take your chances. I as a proud responsible dad was kicked off property, and ordered to not pick up my kids or drop them off, because management retaliated against me for calling the corporate office in Oregon or Seattle? and they decided to play the revenge and discriminatory unprofessional decision to boot me off property, for complaining of my kids injuries.

You got to be kidding. how sad is that ? They also think that I'm racial, for asking a simple question of why 99% of my toddlers 3 yr old class WAS COMPOSED 99% AFRO AMERICAN, and my little 3 yr old Caucasian is the only one so I have the right to ask ? A AFRO AMERICAN WOMAN CAN ALSO ASK IF her son is the only one and the rest is all white 99% why would that make me a racist?

But that's the mentality of the staff , and the director and the district manager, they all decided to retaliate against me in a brutal embarrassing way that just hurt me, and my kids, and my little daughter is asking me Daddy why did they kick you out you didn't hurt nobody, and they are telling me that I'm disrespectful to their staff, I beg your pardon-- They have it backwards they are disrespectful to me as A PARENT.

Stay away. There are much better daycares to choose from.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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