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KinderCare in Detroit, Michigan - Awful Center Director

I am a former employee of KinderCare. When I got hired I had the best center director. She was amazing always helping, making sure you were ok, her and the assistant director made such a great team. Sadly, my CD found a job closer to home so she could spend time with her family. So she left and we got a new CD. She was AWFUL!!!!!!!!!! She was so mean and nasty. She had her favorites, and if she did not like you watch out. She cut my hours so viciously, I went from 7 hours days to 3 hour days. She gave the new girls that just got hired more hours, and I had been there for over 2 years. I ended up transferring, and I got a lot more hours at my new center. I was the fourth person to leave. 2 girls quit, and another transferred just like me. Now I heard most of the staff quit, and that makes me sad. We were such a great team until the evil vicious troll came along. I even tired calling the district manager to tell her how badly she was treating us, and she actually sided with the CD, typical. Bottom line bad company to work for.
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You know what? I had a family friend that worked at a KinderCare in Canton OH, and she also said they had a horrrrible director.

Staff infections went around the daycare and my friend was told NOT to tell any parents.

Wow. I wonder if it's just a thing for KinderCare to hire *** management?


What location did you work for? Please let me know!!!! I was thinking to send my child to a kinderCare preschool.


DO NOT I repeat DO NOT send your child to KinderCare. They are the worst place, they don't care about your child, they only care about the almighty dollar.

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Kindercare more concerned with enrollment numbers!

A family member of mine was recently let go from kindercare. She had been a director in one of the largest metropolitan areas of Michigan. The reason for letting her go was because her enrollment numbers were down. If anyone in the USA has been paying attention to the news lately I'm sure they are aware we are experiencing some fairly serious economic problems, Michigan being hit especially hard because of the auto industry. Now I know why the lady before my relative was "let go". So if you're not bothered by the fact that your child will have to get to know a new director approximately every 18 months to 2 years - by all means enroll them at Kindercare. The funny thing is there is a story in the national news today about preliminary results from the 2010 census proving that there has been a mass exodus out of Michigan because there are no jobs here. I'd love Kindercare to explain how center directors are supposed to keep their "numbers up" when people are losing their jobs left and right and having to remove their kids from daycare! Disgusting.
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My center just closed as well (probably the same one you are referring too) I just got off the phone with one of the teachers. She said that the company promised to place all the teachers....they did not. She said that she was the ONLY one that got a job and unfortunatly is NOT happy with the placement for numerous reasons.

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