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Kindercare is a crooked company!I was reduced to part-time by the corporate office because I didn't work 390 hrs. which was not my fault.

I called the 800 number & they told me due to you hours being cut you won't get any holiday pay.

They also said that if I want to go back to the months that my hrs began to get cut & use my personal time & vacation hours to get me out of part-time hour status.This is something to say to someone who has been with the company for 2yrs. & no raise.

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Kindercare is terrible. Worked there for 15 months at two different centers.

In the toddler me that I worked there, I think 15 people left the first center I worked at. No one was fired. Everyone either put their two weeks in or quit. First of all, the supplies we need for the curriculum were never there, even when we ordered them.

The curriculum wasn’t always developmentally appropriate either. Some of the stuff was way over their heads. We had a billion responsibilities and if we asked for help, we’d get yelled at. I remember one time being overwhelmed with a child who has ADHD and was off his meds and my assistant director came in and yelled that I’d worked there long enough and should be able to handle it.

There is no support from management and they make you feel like a terrible teacher if you aren’t perfect. Kindercare only cares about money. I never got my yearly raise or bonus for referring a friend who got hired and was there for 90 days. Another coworker who got her friend hired did not get her bonus either.

Never work there or take your child there. You will be taking your child to be cared for by people who love children but hate their jobs.


Very poor place to work, very unreasonable with personal life and schools, even though while interviewing they tell you that they will be flexible with you, FALSE! Directors are trained to be rude to staff, never had enough food for classes, and always was thrown under the bus by director to corporate for her mishaps!!


Im looking to leave my center as well, it is not what it is made out to be. I do have one question if i am enrolled in the CDA program.

How long will I need to stay at KC in order to not have to pay for the program? Does my employment status need to remain at a full time position?

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Taking your CDA and no it's still pending for a raise? Really, now.. Not cool at all!


Kindercare is definitely ran like a puppy mill...but its not just kindercare...its

Most daycare facilities. The employees are not innocent either...i see alot of

Negative comments tegarding the directors but as employee i have seen emplyees physically hit, drag, ect.

children...i believe its a huge problem in many daycares,america doesnt want to think about or believe. :(


Kindercare is a profit organization but a great place for kids an employees I've been with Kindercare for 8 years, an I love my job. If you don't love it, quit, for the children's sake.


Parents who allow their children to be raised by strangers who hate their jobs will always get what they deserve. :x


I have been working for KC for 2 years and we have a new district manager. He has very high standards which is understandable, because he wants the centers in his district to be the best.

But the way he talks to people is rude and disrespectful. He is an ***. The center i work at has no organization what so ever and our boss is never there. She is running 2 centers so she is back and forth.

I havent received a raise since i been here and all they are worried about is $$$ and filling the classrooms. At one point i had 32 after school kids by myself and the ratio is 25:1. Never received help until my parents saw my frustration and began to complain. I think God for my parents because if they feel that im overwhelmed or if they see a need for my class they will complain and threaten to take their kids out until the issue is resolved.

No matter how much i ask or complain nothing happens.

So i just tell my parents and they get it done. :(


Dear lord ..everyone has such horrible things to say about KinderCare! I am currently employed by them and I absolutely LOVE my job.

My director is a great person with a kind heart who cares deeply about her employees, and I don't understand all the complaints about the bathroom breaks, my director and fellow co workers come check on me

Numerous times through out the day to see if I need to use the bathroom.

Ps. It is illegal for anyone to deny you bathroom use..my coworkers and I all get along great and it's one of the best child care centers I have worked at


I worked at a Kindercare for almost 2 years. My director was incredible, my Assistiant Director was pretty good but very passive and a push over.

My issue was with bathroom breaks, they would never come relieve teachers. Also having dangerous children removed was a problem. The spawn of satan was in my class whipping blocks and spaghetti at anyone in his path and laughing whilst harassing the classroom/me. All he got was a talking to and the next day he was dropping bombs like it was no body's business, still nothing.

Also out playground was the bane of my existiance, mulch is the worst material to have and every new toy they gave us just ended up over the fence or broken with in 10 min. The fence was broken for AN ENTRE YEAR, a board would swing out towards the children and if they wanted they could lift the fence and get out if they wanted, oh no matter that I told our mantinamce man 7 TIMES TO FIX IT. ....I left over 6 months ago because I got a sweet nanny job.

But I hear the fence is still broken. And I dot even have the time to talk about the new *** that's running the center into the ground -___-

Never send your children there.


I have worked at KinderCare for a long time now and it is horrible. If it wasn't for the kids and the terrible economy I would have left a long time ago.

The company itself is selfish and money driven. We haven't received a raise in over three years, we get no positive recognition, no holiday bonuses and zero support. What's worse though is the woman they allow to run our center. She is a nightmare.

She is the fakest person I've ever met. She smiles to your face and trash talks you the moment you walk away. This goes for staff and parents alike. The assistant director is even worse.

She personally attacks you and then talks about it with all of the other teachers. She calls people out in newsletters and calls/texts you after you've left for the day to berate you for something she didn't like during the day. They spend all of their time in the office gossiping and hiding so they don't have to do bathroom breaks for the staff. They stress how important labor is yet allow three of their favorites to sit around the computer on their cell phones and gossip with them.

They cut other people's hours in order to let those three hang out or do work that they don't feel like doing. They even asked the KLA teacher not to do KLA that day so she could answer the phones for them. It's really bad now because our regional manager is out on maternity leave but even when she comes back things won't change because you can't say anything to her. She would go straight to them and they would make your life a living ***.

Not to mention that nothing would change. I've thought about calling corporate but I doubt anything would happen.

Corporate only cares about parent complaints.

Hopefully if you consider working here, you have a center director who actually remembers what it's like to be in the classroom and who attempts to support the staff.

to Management is Terrible. Boothw #665343

WOW! So I guess it isn't just our center...no raises, no positive recognition, and no holiday bonuses, all sounds very familiar.

And someone else mentioned bathroom breaks. We're not allowed to leave our classes out of ratio, so we've been told not to drink water to avoid having to use the bathroom while we're on the clock.

to Management is Terrible. Boothw Atlanta, Georgia, United States #671369

I know how you feel. I been with kindercare for 13years. And everything that you are saying is so true.

to Management is Terrible. Boothw #779615

I worked as center director for 13 years and to show their appreciation they fired me for not being in the top 5 of our district. KLC sucks.

DM's are *** and Bullies. They only care about themselves and securing their bonus around January. The company is only worried about the bottom line. As a director I was forced to shove phonics and music down my parents throats even though our curriculum was answering both of those parts of the curriculum.

I loved my parents the ladies that worked for me an especially the kids they were wonderful. The person running my center starting next week is very unprofessional and 2faced. Her boss the DM is a bully and has changed the directors in my old center twice since I was removed. The enrollment is lower than it has ever been in 13 years.

I guess you get what you pay for. OHIO CENTER




So Sad


I have been w/Kindercare since late May 2012. The director has harassed me, created a hostile environment and is trying to get me to quit.

She wrote me up for being sick! She's written me up for various things, and on this Fri, told me to go home! I said, no I came here to work! She was yelling at me, has threatened me many times of termination, and said she could make a call so that I wouldn't get unemployment!

She's really a nutcase and has turned the staff against me! What should I do?

to Har***ed #1104407

Contact your DM if they dont help contact HQ


:( I too feel for everyone who has posted on this and have said all TRUE statements and comments about Kindercare. I work out here in Liverpool NY and I have to say that i feel just the rest of you.

I was hired as a cook/teacher, meaning i was staff support, so everyday like clockwork i would make the same thing for lunch and give the same disgusting snacks out over and over again (i don't know how much more yogurt those children can eat). My director would barely talk to me unless it was something that she did not like. there was no praise, or thanks, or any type of appreciation shown, EVER. I was acutally in a classroom one day and a toddler was eating and went to get up and fell and hit their eye off one of the tables, i made an incident report and when i contacted the director to come down she huffed and said "fine".

When she got down their she told me to rip up the report that stated the truth and write down that the child was horse playing around and fell that way the center isnt responsible. After about 3 months I started questioning my director on all her tactics from cutting my full time hours, to being treated and talked to like a child. that finally ended yesterday with being "suspended until further notice" and she told me that with a smug grin on her face.

So from Washington, to Utah, to good old Liverpool, New York I believe we are all doomed and the problems seem to be with this corporation and someone has to stop them so from here on out i will be protesting Kindercare as well as the other 20 names they have for this corporation. PARENTS BEWARE DONT LET YOUR KIDS GO HERE!!!


I've only been with Kindercare for about 6mo & can't believe what a joke it is. I've my Master's in Elem.

Ed. but have been unsuccessful in my job search so I'm kinda stuck for now. When I was hired as a lead kindergarten teacher I was led to believe it was very much like a regular school, that the "curriculum" was a great precursor to first grade for the kids. It was such a joke and I would NEVER recommend taking on a lead teacher position EVER again!!!

I kept reading about all these people who can never go pee during their shifts or hafta hold it for long periods of time. I can say I feel for them but I am very fortunate in the fact that I'm pregnant so I have much more leniency and am able to go when I need to. I can't even imagine how horrific it'll be once I come back after having my baby!

Hopefully I'll be outta there sooner than later!! Not a good or even decent company to work for :-(

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