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Kindercare is a crooked company!I was reduced to part-time by the corporate office because I didn't work 390 hrs.which was not my fault.

I called the 800 number & they told me due to you hours being cut you won't get any holiday pay.

They also said that if I want to go back to the months that my hrs began to get cut & use my personal time & vacation hours to get me out of part-time hour status.This is something to say to someone who has been with the company for 2yrs.& no raise.


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Kindercare is terrible.Worked there for 15 months at two different centers.

In the toddler me that I worked there, I think 15 people left the first center I worked at. No one was fired. Everyone either put their two weeks in or quit. First of all, the supplies we need for the curriculum were never there, even when we ordered them.

The curriculum wasn’t always developmentally appropriate either. Some of the stuff was way over their heads. We had a billion responsibilities and if we asked for help, we’d get yelled at. I remember one time being overwhelmed with a child who has ADHD and was off his meds and my assistant director came in and yelled that I’d worked there long enough and should be able to handle it.

There is no support from management and they make you feel like a terrible teacher if you aren’t perfect. Kindercare only cares about money. I never got my yearly raise or bonus for referring a friend who got hired and was there for 90 days. Another coworker who got her friend hired did not get her bonus either.

Never work there or take your child there.You will be taking your child to be cared for by people who love children but hate their jobs.


Very poor place to work, very unreasonable with personal life and schools, even though while interviewing they tell you that they will be flexible with you, FALSE! Directors are trained to be rude to staff, never had enough food for classes, and always was thrown under the bus by director to corporate for her mishaps!!


Im looking to leave my center as well, it is not what it is made out to be.I do have one question if i am enrolled in the CDA program.

How long will I need to stay at KC in order to not have to pay for the program?Does my employment status need to remain at a full time position?

Arlington, Virginia, United States #891477

Taking your CDA and no it's still pending for a raise? Really, now.. Not cool at all!


Kindercare is definitely ran like a puppy mill...but its not just kindercare...its

Most daycare facilities.The employees are not innocent either...i see alot of

Negative comments tegarding the directors but as employee i have seen emplyees physically hit, drag, ect.

children...i believe its a huge problem in many daycares,america doesnt want to think about or believe.:(


Kindercare is a profit organization but a great place for kids an employees I've been with Kindercare for 8 years, an I love my job. If you don't love it, quit, for the children's sake.


Parents who allow their children to be raised by strangers who hate their jobs will always get what they deserve. :x


I have been working for KC for 2 years and we have a new district manager.He has very high standards which is understandable, because he wants the centers in his district to be the best.

But the way he talks to people is rude and disrespectful. He is an ***. The center i work at has no organization what so ever and our boss is never there. She is running 2 centers so she is back and forth.

I havent received a raise since i been here and all they are worried about is $$$ and filling the classrooms. At one point i had 32 after school kids by myself and the ratio is 25:1. Never received help until my parents saw my frustration and began to complain. I think God for my parents because if they feel that im overwhelmed or if they see a need for my class they will complain and threaten to take their kids out until the issue is resolved.

No matter how much i ask or complain nothing happens.

So i just tell my parents and they get it done.:(


Dear lord ..everyone has such horrible things to say about KinderCare!I am currently employed by them and I absolutely LOVE my job.

My director is a great person with a kind heart who cares deeply about her employees, and I don't understand all the complaints about the bathroom breaks, my director and fellow co workers come check on me

Numerous times through out the day to see if I need to use the bathroom.

Ps.It is illegal for anyone to deny you bathroom use..my coworkers and I all get along great and it's one of the best child care centers I have worked at


I worked at a Kindercare for almost 2 years.My director was incredible, my Assistiant Director was pretty good but very passive and a push over.

My issue was with bathroom breaks, they would never come relieve teachers. Also having dangerous children removed was a problem. The spawn of satan was in my class whipping blocks and spaghetti at anyone in his path and laughing whilst harassing the classroom/me. All he got was a talking to and the next day he was dropping bombs like it was no body's business, still nothing.

Also out playground was the bane of my existiance, mulch is the worst material to have and every new toy they gave us just ended up over the fence or broken with in 10 min. The fence was broken for AN ENTRE YEAR, a board would swing out towards the children and if they wanted they could lift the fence and get out if they wanted, oh no matter that I told our mantinamce man 7 TIMES TO FIX IT. ....I left over 6 months ago because I got a sweet nanny job.

But I hear the fence is still broken.And I dot even have the time to talk about the new *** that's running the center into the ground -___-

Never send your children there.

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