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I am a former manager for Kindercare Learning Centers (also known as Knowledge Learning Corp) and am very upset with the way they run their company.

Kindercare is very involved in the March of Dimes and I commend them highly for that but....starting last year Kindercare stopped offering Teacher Appreciation Week. Their reason for this is, Teacher Appreciation Week falls on the same week that KinderCare starts pushing for donations for March of Dimes.

The company does not want the parents to spend money on the teachers, instead donate the money to March of Dimes. Let me make this very clear, March of Dimes has NOTHING to do with Kindercare stopping Teacher Appreciation week! I am a HUGE supporter of March of Dimes but this is way out of line.

Teachers should be rewarded (even if it is just a card and a nice "Thank You") for their hard work and dedication to the children.

After my insisting that this be changed and going against company policy and promoting Teacher Appreciation week, I was "let go" from the company. Kindercare's only concern is money, not the children.

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I ended up working at a kindercare center for three days and quit. Does anyone know if I will be paid for those three days or no?


Unfortunately, here in Indiana, the director of the Fort Wayne location looks drunk a lot of times like she's had a bad night.It's hard to talk with her because she's not all there, like she's on something.

It's really scary. I just talk with the staff if I have any concerns because the director is really not there most of the time. She's usually all about the money, and seems to have an attitude of her way or the highway with the families especially. I've noticed a total of five families leave the daycare in months.

It's sad that my little girl builds relationships with the kids and they suddenly disappear when things go bad there. The director is an actual teacher that has a degree, but she's not all there.

It's always been a concern of mine, but I don't want to take my daughter out because she's used to the place.I am afraid something bad will happen there with this type of behavior from the director.


KinderCare STILL has teacher appreciation week!! It never went away. Our building has hosted this appreciation every year along with the March of Dimes.

Employees do get raises and laws are followed. It sounds like a few unfortunate experiences. It is not the company as this could happen at any facility. It is the people inside the facility that make the difference.

I have worked for multiple preschools and even the "cream of the crop" facilitates have issues with staff and parents.

It is the people inside that count and make a program succeed and fail. The KinderCare company has wonderful beliefs and values. They have done so much positive for children and families. It is too bad not all people have the loving, supportive, teaching values as well.

I am very sorry for some negative experiences as no one or nothing is perfect.

to Miss Informed #608446

You must be part of the higher ups pretending!I've worked for Kindercare 23 years.

My whole region does not do teacher appreciation anymore. Let alone a raise over 5 cents. Haven't had a raise in 6 years! Money, money, money is all k.c.

Is about!

:( a FEW bad reviews???Look on you will find tons of bad reviews!


To "Cook"

At least In Indiana, it is against state licensing for the person who prepares the food to not change diapers until their duties are finished in the kitchen.And, as far a ratios, at any other job, it would be good management for your employer to utilize all their employees.

This is called teamwork. And to "inspector gadget" You obviously haven't been in management before because there is much more involved than what you realize. Instead of being responsible for one group of children like you are as a teacher, the management is responsible for every child, every staff member, and every parent in the school. They have to put up with the lazy staff members who don't do their jobs, collect and process payments, do paperwork for accreditation, train you, fill in for teachers, and the list goes on.

Teachers only deal with their group of children.

That's it.If you have the mentality that management has it easy, maybe you are in the wrong profession because you obviously aren't there for the kids!


I work for Kindercare and honestly they are greedy they refuse to give a raise to employees and call the down very bad if it's not all there way it's the highway very bad district manager in training at the Westminster location she's very rude and mistreates her employees I quit because of it I would never send my son here the inconstancy is not ok


I have been with Kindercare in the Appleton, WI area for 13 years.I am proud of were I work, my coworkers, and the director I work for.

I am there for the children and not the money and not an Appreciation week.

I know that the parents appreciate us and what we do and to me that is great.:grin


I worked at Kindercare in Eden Prairie, MN.from 4/2011-9/2011, as the cook.

When I started here I was told that on my first day I was going to be shadowing the ***'t Dir. for the day in the kitchen. False! I was handed bags of English Muffins, told to cut them in half, put margarine on them, and put them in the oven.

That was the extent of my training. Most recently they have had me going into classrooms because they were over ratio! On top of it, I wasn't allowed to change childrens pants if they had an accident becasue I was the "Cook". My recommendation, don't bring your children here!

If Parent's only knew how their children were treated they would flip. I could tell you some stories. For one, your child is not cleaned up after a meal or snack with a washcloth or even paper towel. They put your child up to the sink and basically give them a bath!

So sad!I can only hope that this corrporation goes under fast or that someone gets in and inspects them fast before a child gets hurt or killed.


At least 3 times last week I have seen 2 rooms completely out of least 18 to 20 kids in one of the rooms.

I must be just waking up and starting to see this. Again today I walked in the front door no one said hi or stopped me when I went up to get my child. Before I left even the back door was unlock and no one around.

I have all so noticed that the 3 people in charge like to sit around the front desk and talk about what is going on at home.Not a business professional atmosphere.

I will be taking my child out of this place soon.


Kindercare West Allis Security system all most none existent. Room doors are locked, teachers usually do not come to the doors when you knock. I doubt that camera monitoring system works cause cause where the main front desk or by the manager the monitor is off. It is the middle of August now and every time I go back there it is still not working. How long has it been this way? At least 6 months. A hazard to happen.

If this is how they take care of things, just think how this place is run and what kind of education your child is getting. I have seen at least 20 kids in room a week ago and only one teacher. Is there a regulation on this? Room was just out of hand, and no control.


Stay away from here.

:cry :cry :cry :cry

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