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This location is a complete mess. DON'T DO IT! As a parent, it is the worst possible decision I made towards my child. The staff is horribly trained, and the Director has no clue as to what she is doing. Was she trained? Does she have any credentials? She yells at her...
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Management at kindercare

Managment is lazy, rude, and we have had it. The management at this place is annoying. The director comes in every day rude to everyone. She has her son in the office everyday eating candy and drinking soda teasing the other kids and shes laughs about it. The only kids she cares about is her own. The AD refuses to be in a classroom and help out. When people are over in ratio she moves kids all day long so she does not have to help.Or she tells the teachers that they have to wait until someone else comes in so she doesn't have to help. The families find the director to be rude and unapproachable, some families have left because she is unapproachable. The classrooms are always over ratio with no help from management. The AD favors her friend that works at thie facility even when she knows that her friend did something wrong. The employees are given a hard time when they have doc apts, if they are sick, or if their children are sick. Yet she leaves as needed for her children or family no questions asked. The staff loves what we do and getting some support and help from management once in awhile would make our jobs easier and more enjoyable.
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I think it must be in the directors employment contract. We had a director nick named Winnie and she sounds just like the director of the original author


the kindercare in aston pa is just like this one, the director and assistant director favor people and let the favorites leave early and some how at the end of the week, still get 40 hours..the assistant director goes from room to room gossiping and talking *** about everyone in the center to each person, they both lie on incident/accident reports, and they serve expired and moldy food to the children, i dont know how that place is still up and running with those two idiots running it, as far as doctors appointments go, we are not allowed to even mention that phrase, we get scolded everytime someting comes up and some one needs to go see the doc, but the one favorite is allowed to leave early, and by early i mean 11 o'clock am, bc she had a dress fitting at 3pm in the does that work? they always come up with some excuse as to why we have to stay and finish our day and reschedule our appointments, and if u do manage to get away and go, one girl was told she had broncitis and they made her come back to work right after the visit...thats just disgusting...


I cant believe that the kindercare in saint francis would do this my child went there and i removed my child because the directors son was mean to my child and his mother the director did nothing. I think her name was jennifer.

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