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I saw one of mother\'s that had her child at kindercare yesterday at the grocery store. She said that her daughter and son missed me at school.

She asked me where I was at now. Maybe I will see them again.

Original review posted by user Mar 24, 2012

During my time at Kindercare, they allowed metal tape measures to be in the 5 year old classroom! Are you kidding?

One boy held one end and the other boy held the other end and a little girl was holding the middle of the tape just as I walked in. You guessed it!! One boy pushed the button to make the tape re-track and the little girls fingers were sliced. To the point of blood all over her shirt, blood all over her hands and the floor and she had to be taken to the emergency room.

What genius ever thought this was a good idea?

There is never a lead teacher in the 3 year old classroom. Has not been in over a year. She is at the front office and the only time she goes in the room is when State Board is going to show up. Nice huh?

Review about: Kindercare Child Care Program.

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Ethan is not my real name. Also Star Wars started in the 70's.


I said I was sorry to him and he accepted. Seems like he is a very nice person and we both have moved on. There are Star Wars fans of all ages.


Really, Haley, didn't you ever wonder about the age of someone with the name, "Jedi Knight Ethan?"


I do accept.


I did not know how old you were. I should have looked up your info, but I did not. Hope you accept my apology.


I am sorry for accusing you for doing something that you did not do.I sure don't need any extra attention, that is for sure!


Hey I never wrote that comment about the slapping kids, perhaps you posted that yourself for attention or perhaps someone else did. But I did not post that.

And she is right we are not arguing, we are having a conversation, hey we both said mean things to each other.

Also I am not 14, I am 12. I only said I was 14 to get by the whole COPPA thing. Apparently this site does not have a minimum age so I can did not need to pretend to be 13 when I posted my review.


The problem that I had with Jedi was he was putting things on my posts that I did not say, but he knew how to make it look like it was me saying it. I did not want anyone to think I got fired and was slapping children.

I am very happy where I am at and they are happy with me.

He is not doing that anymore. All is good.


I am not arguing with anyone. He wrote a pleasant comment here and I wrote one back. Neither one of us is arguing.


I read your review Jedi, you do realize that you are arguing with a 13-14 year old don't you hayley?


Mine always just says Massillon. Thanks guys for letting me know. I will keep an eye on it.


I had mine say all different parts of Ontario and even in one case Flint Michigan.


Oh, ok. I didn't know. Thank you for letting me know.


My post says I live in Canada and last week it said I was from UK, and a few times before it said Australia.


The posts where it says where you live mean nothing. Everyone's posts says Canada and neither do I live in Canada. That system has a glitch.


I did not write the above comment either. I do not know how this person hacks into my account, but they do.


I never did or said such a *** thing. Please stop following all of my comments.

I am not going to say anything hateful about you, and I would appreciate the same.

I would never tell a child anything like this.

If anymore sees posts like this, I do not live in Canada, I live in Massillon. If it did not come from Massillon, I did not write it.


I told the boy who let go of the tape that I would cut him like that to see what it feels like so I did do something after the incident.


Hey you share your review you should expect replies both negative and positive, apparently you think it is everyone else who is wrong. So much for "ending" it.


you have your opinion and I have mine. I do not see if your way and you don't see if my way.

Can we just be done with this? I got how you feel.

I got how Jedi feels. I have no more to say on the subject and I can only hope you and Jedi don't either.

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