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If you are in the process of looking for a daycare in Sandy Utah you should avoid the Sandy KinderCare.The teachers do not watch the children properly and because of that my child continually comes home with *** marks and bruises that are not always reported.

They have an incident reporting system that is either not always used, or the incidents are not reported because the children are not supervised properly. The teacher to child ratio is routinely ignored and the result is poor quality daycare. When incidents are reported and brought to the teacher and director's attention, nothing ever happens. They just ignore it as I'm sure they are under staffed.

The teacher turnover is horrendous.

I would not recommend you take your child here is you value their well being.There are plenty of much better daycares in the area.

Review about: Kindercare Teacher.

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Your *** kid probably deserved it!Little b a s t a r d!!!

I hope he gets tossed down the stairs on his ugly head!!Maybe you shoulda thought about this BEFORE you became a tramp and intentionally got yourself pregnant!



are you some sort of internet troll?I have noticed you repeatedly berate mothers for putting their children in daycare.

Please refrain from berating parents about this decision, since it is often outside of their control.They are trying to review a center, not wax about the lamentations of putting their children in daycare.



Some of us have to work to provide a home for our children.I put my rug rats into day care so I can buy my toys like gas, food, rent etc.

Of course there is a risk involved, but it doesn't have to be that high.Not all of us are afforded the luxury of staying home with our children.

Thank you for the review, I will be sure to stay away from this Center!


People who throw their kids into day care should know better.Do you really expect some minimum-wage *** to give a hoot about YOUR kid?

You put your rug rats into day care so you can buy your toys like TVs, mobile phones, etc.

or to be a "modern" woman.All you do is put your children at risk--Sigh.

to nikalseyn San Antonio, Texas, United States #678910

nikalseyn, I noticed you venting your chauvinistic madness all over this site. You think because you have a *** between your legs you are more entitled to work outside the home than I am?

I have an ivy league Masters degree and a prestigious corporate career, and I happen to make 3 times what my husband does as a firefighter. Despite this, I have rearranged my career trajectory and had to jeopardize my potential for growth in order to do my job from home and be with my daughter. I am blessed enough to be able to work full time and be home with my infant daughter full time; doing the best I can to fulfill my roles as 'supermom' and breadwinner at the same time. It is because of antiquated *** like you that women still face challenges like this today. Not all women are lucky enough to work from home and be with their child while they put food on the table simultaneously.

Possibly a terminated, disgraced ex-WalMart employee such as yourself has some kind of grudge to bear against women who work to provide for their families, but don't take it out on those of us who are doing the best we can to juggle the societal guilt associated with being a working mother and the costs of raising a child in the US today.

Private schools are expensive (not that you would know that) and I for one am going to continue bringing home the bacon for my family, so that my daughter can go to the best schools and have the opportunity to grow up and change the world - not...

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