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Kindercare in Laveen, AZ ..the director I've never met her until when my children was going there. I use to complaint to her about the numerous diaper rash my child was having, unexplain bruises and swollen knots on my child head and how my child was dirty and clothes wasn't change to fresh clothes.

I also complaint about how her staff would neglect the children while talking to other teachers during class time, how children at the center plays in cabinets with mops and mop disinfected buckets ..complaint about during outdoor activities how the staff chat among themselves and neglect the children and how so many children been injuried because of this including my child. The director states she will give her staff additional training each time I came to address this issue. She never did and some staff would mention this to me...the director comes off as caring and nice but their is a lot of issues behind the scene. The director never fire, repremended or further address the issue with her staff.

. The director states she won't guarantee that anyone's child won't have bruises and knots and swollen from unexplain events in her center, as well as, diaper rash. My children diaper had *** in it that looks like it was there for hours . I would never recommend this daycare to anyone with children.

If you love your child and want a safe environment, well trained staff that actually enjoy their job and not there for a paycheck ...Kindercare wouldn't be one to consider. I wish I had investigate the numerous complaints parents been saying about kindercare in az and worldwide..I know I wouldn't let my child attend there if I knew these things from the beginning.

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I used to work at the daycare. The director always showing favoritism towards certain teachers.

I would always be left out of ratio. I would open the class and have upwards of ten infants by myself and I would call on the intercom for a second teacher and no one would come. Luckily all my infants were easy to calm and settle in I would check diapers as soon as they were brought in ask parents about feeding times and any special requirements for the day.

Number 1 thing was making sure parents fill out there daily form so I had the info ready to look at. I could manage all my babies well but I shouldn't have had to the ratio is max 5 infants and that ratio was constantly violated.


Seen how it is at laveen yes it is horrible..staff does not care and director only there for a paycheck.. have seen her drag kids down the hall be their arm


Seen how it is at laveen yes it is horrible..staff does not care and director only there for a paycheck.. have seen her drag kids down the hall be their arm


I am sorry about this happening to your child. Yes bruises/bumps happen but if the freaking teachers are doing the job they are paid to do they would know what happen.

Also there is NO REASON for a diaper rash. That is the staff being lazy. I worked for this company for 10 years and yes some off the staff do care about the kids but a good part of them don't. Also ALL of your higher ups look at every child as a $$$ sign.

The District Manager Mary for this center is a piece of work as well. She will protect her "friend Directors" anyway she can. This company is a POS! that will replace the good staff for lower paying teachers.

They will also replace staff on FMLA leave for having a baby, death on the family or for what ever reason unless you are friend with the "right people" I left this company for a reason.

Childrens World was a good company tell it was bought out by Kindercare. It's sad the kids don't have a say in being treated like *** because the didn't get that 20% of the staff that love kids as their teacher.

to Past Kindercare Staff #862325

Indeed Mary the Director is wolf is sheep's clothing. I've never met a more unprofessional director and can not believe she is in the position she is in.


I am sorry you had a horrible experience at the Kindercare in your area, but to say that they all should be avoided is a mistake. I have worked at the same center for 4 years and although there have been staff and director changes, the children are still cared for and loved.

There are Kindercare centers throughout the country that are wonderful. IF you are having problems with your center then maybe you should bring it to the attention of the Regional Manager or the CEO. They truly do care about the children and their families. One bad center should not be the cause of the other ones suffering.

I advise all parents, visit the center, several times, at different times during the day. Do surprise visits, and before registering with any learning center, visit more than once at different times during the day. See how they are at outside play, lunch time, naptime. Tour all the classrooms, not just the one your child will be in.

Ask for parent references, talk to parents that you may pass during your tour.

If the center is run properly then they wont mind. But do your homeowrk, before trusting other people to care for your child and stop blaming the rest of Kindercare for a center that was inadequate.

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