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Update by user Mar 24, 2012

Today is March 24 and I have to say I found a teaching position at another company and everything they told me has been honest and I could not be happier.

I received an email from the Director and it said I was one of the best employees they have ever had and that she enjoys the lesson plans that I create.

There is a happy ending when you get in with the right people!

Original review posted by user Feb 28, 2012

I accepted a position at the Kindercare in Canton, Ohio as a floater. I got promised full time, benefits and online education to obtain my CDA.

I actually received instructions on how to sign up for benefits. I could never sign on. I asked the Director, Rebecca why it wasn't working. She kept telling me she would see what the problem was.

I called corporate and they said I could not receive benefits because I was only part time. I got called into the office by the Director and Asst. Director to get told that I must have not understood that I was not full time. I got told that if I dropped out of the CDA classes I was half way through taking, I could take theirs online.

I finally got told that was never going to happen either. My husband got laid off from his job and was so thrilled when he thought I was going to get insurance for us.

I called corporate to complain and the woman said I didn't have an agreement in writing and it was too bad for me.

Stay away from these liars and save yourself a lot of grief!!

Review about: Kindercare Director.

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I don't want to bash you. I am done. I am not going to do this anymore.

I had a party for the kids yesterday and left them decorate. I bought a pizza and left them choose how they wanted to decorate and what music they wanted to listen too.

One of the little girls came up and told me that it was the best day of her life.

That is what matters. The people I see everyday and the ones I bring joy too.

I hope you have a happy life. I won't be back so you can say all the things you want about me until your heart is content. I won't see it. I am going to concentrate on the positive things that happen in my life.


Sorry wrong link.

The real link is here.


Okay, but remember Disneyland on March 31, 5pm by the teacup ride. :D


Can please just put all of this to rest. I imagine the rest of the folks that come on this site are getting bored with the back and forth.

Lets take this off line.

Any further comments can be make to That way we are not wasting other people's time.


I have agreed with people online. I just don't agree with you. You apparently should not be online if you cannot take negative remarks.


Also I only have one account you nutter.


What is the police going to do. There are no threats.

I am just telling the truth. Apparenlty you need serious help. I hope that the children in your care are not in danger with your jealously. The police are going to laugh at you for reporting something as silly as this.


Like the police are going to worry about an online disagreement when they have online pedophiles and scammers. You are a nutcase.


Here is the story on Jedi Knight Ethan. Over 80 negative, hateful comments have been posted on various accounts here on

This is all this person does is surf the website and post evil things.

You really need help. lol


I have reported you to and my local police department.

You are saying hateful things on multiple people's accounts.

You need to stop bother all of us. Now!


No one slapped anyone. i don't know how you hacked into my account, but I did not write that comment at all.

I am still happily employed. Whoever wrote might want to try that sometime.

What a horrible thing to even write about.


Just so you know I am not employed by the other company anymore. I got fired from my new teaching position for slapping a child who deserved to be slapped across the face.


I am not one of their buddies. Apparently you refuse to take the blame for your neglect.

I am keeping on subject.

Telling you the truth is not a personal attack. You act no older than the children you take care of.


Keep the topic of messages relevant to the subject. Personal attacks will be deleted.


Sounds to me like this could be one of their buddies and nothing I say would be right.


But whether you were in the room or not, makes you just as guilty. You are just not taking any of the blame which is sad.


Jedi Knight Ethan

To answer your question, at I was not the only teacher in the room. I had just walked in on what was going on.

Everyone acted so quickly to get the child out of the room. I Kept asking questions over and over again and when I started insisting on knowing what was going on, everyone's attitude started changing toward me.

I actually heard from the girls Mother from a posting I made on Craigslist telling me what actually happened. She told me she was sorry I was not there anymore and that I was a great teacher for caring.


You said that you a child got cut badly with a metal tape measure while at Kindercare were were you at the time. Why were you not supervising or watching the child. Why did you not voice your concerns.



I agree with you 100%. I thought when I got the form that said "How to enroll in Benefits as a Newly Hired, Full-Time Employee", I did not even think about getting anything in writing.

A lesson learned. Their are snakes out there that go through life on looks only, and this was one of them.


I have been reading posts about Kindercare and far more people hate Kindercare than like it.

What does that tell you?


Hey Sara,

I bet you wouldn't change a thing about working at Kindercare. Why is there not a lead teacher in the 3 year old room?

That's right! It is suppose to be you. You are the assistant director now and no one has been the lead teacher in the 3 year old room now for over a year!! Your fellow employees do not like you even a little bit!

How would I know this? State Board has found out about this!

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