I worked for Kindercare for 6 years. We had gone through several managers but the last one was awful.

She cared more about the money than the children or teachers. Right before my 6 year anniversery, she fired me. I had never had a complaint, a write up, or anything negative. In fact, before her I was promoted twice.

There was no warning, she just fired me.

I was not allowed to write a parent letter or say goodbye to anyone. Worst of all I can't get another teaching job because she won't give me a copy of my file with all my education, training, and creditials, and she let my CDA expire without telling me!

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I love KinderCare!!!! I have worked for them for 7yrs and my daughter loved all her teachers from Infant to PreSchool.


Dear Racheal you are wrong......kindercare is NOT like every other place...there are...no values , integrity etc.....


I also work for KinderCare and have had good and sub par managers. (just like every other place I have worked) I do know that that keeping up with the CDA is the individuals responsibility not the company's. KinderCare is a for profit business typically Early Childhood Educators struggle with balancing the two.

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