Burlington, Massachusetts
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The director is totally unprofessional, her emails are obnoxious, she is never there and works from home! Come to find out she had another job during Kindercare business hours...

I called the other job yo check. Love the teachers, can't stand the director Lorene, she lets people work there so they can send there kids there for employee discount, meanwhile I'm working like crazy to pay for daycare. Don't get me started on Miss Kerri, she is a complete liar and soooo phony, she only cares about her grandkids, I actually heard her say that! Miss Kerri is also Lorene's bff, (we know them from town) so whatever she says goes!

Lorene should be fired for the stuff she does, someone should talk to the staff, they seem unhappy with her, she is also always messed up, seems like she takes too many pills. She pulled out hr ziplock bag of prescriptions, she thought it was funny, yet it's inappropriate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kindercare Director.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Roshana S



Haha so true to all! Kindercare Human Resources should really look into this!


Omg... feel the exact same way!

Love all the teachers, Kerri lied to my face about my son!

Makes me so mad.... I spoke with the director and she couldn't say enough great things about KerriAlmost over compensating for her wrongdoing!


Seriously... how does this still go on??!!

Does Lorene still "work from home" and not show up for days?? Everytime I would wanted to speak with her she was working from home or at an apt....

such bs...those girls work too hard for her to take advantage of them... unbelievable


Wow.. can’t believe this is still an issue!

After all these years you would think Kerri would be fired! Gossip/trouble maker queen! My kids loved it there, we loved the teachers, parents and staff but ever so Leary of Lorene & Kerri always an issue with them yet never resolved...

honestly couldn’t wait for my kids to age out, however they learned so much and became so independent! Grateful for the teachers but feel so sorry for them with no guidance by the director

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