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They called CPS 3x in less than 2 weeks for small bruises on our toddlers shins. Yes the same bruises.

What toddler does not get bruises on legs? I know right?! Drug our family through *** for 2 months after 3 doctors and 3 cps caseworkers investigated and said they were normal and saw no sign of abuse.

Here is the kicker...cps shared a photo with us that they took at the daycare on the first call. Red marks all over her legs and sides, obviously a sign of a recent struggle.

She had been there over 3 hours already when that was taken and when we took her to a dr 3 hours later at the advice of caseworker, and they were gone. We found out about those marks a month into the investigation, we were told it was shin bruises! We were livid. The staff obviously hurt her and then called cps on us to try to turn the whole thing on us.

In any case it was all ruled as no abuse or neglect. I even hired a lawyer. But we pulled her out of kindercare (mill creek, wa). Dont take your child there they are devious and can’t handle kids!

What really irritates me though is that nobody would point the finger at the daycare, not even cps, even when it was plainly obvious. I was told nobody does, nobody can win.

Whats wrong with this? We put our most precious little persons in their care!

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