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Dont work for the 301865 center the boss is a very mean person I am parent and the way i see how the director treats herself is not ok she talks down to them I feel for the employees
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Kindercare Director
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Poor customer service
I have worked on this location for a few years, so i know a little about the system. Our A.d in our school does a lot of work as Center director is too busy with her personal life matters.We means a few of us have noticed that ur Assitant Director does not clock out or...
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The AD is not allowed to do her own timecard. Right now the company is so worried about the hours and not the kids.

I am no better then someone down the street of I continue shuffling kids to send people home.

Everyone has bills to pay regardless of the title.

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Kindercare Director
I recently realised that my employer ( kindercare ) changed my time card. The management is so much in control that they want to save every penny, i was so pissed that after i approved my timecard on friday my assissant director changed my time after i had gone home...
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This happened at our center too....our CD held a staff meeting and told us that we were being audited so we needed to complete our timesheets from the present back to the previous year. Coincidentally, there were two other employees besides myself that were handed a stack of old timesheets to initial and sign.


asked outright "Isn't this falsification?". By doing as asked, I was basically saying that I was given a break when I wasn't. Needless to say, I was hushed up, given the evil eye and had the AD sitting next to me, pointing where I needed to sign. We were told we HAD to do this or our center could be shut down.

Long story, short....the CD was fired a few months later BUT the AD was able to stay.

For me, the retaliation began and even going to the NEW CD, didn't help. For me, the icing on the cake came when the AD scolded one of my parents for taking up too much of my time during her Parent/Teacher conference. The AD did this in a very crowded reception area, filled with other staff and parents. My parent was of Asian descent and spoke very little English began shaking and bowing and apologizing profusely.

As I walked her out to the parking lot, she was crying.

I reported the incident to the CD telling her not to address this to the AD because I will pay the price. Within two weeks, I was given a write up over late paperwork and my employment threatened.

I told the CD this was going to happen...I turned in my resignation. I'm happy to say after almost 8 years in that horribly stressful environment, I've found another teaching position that allows growth, opportunity and the respect that we all so deserve.

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Kindercare Director

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