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I am writing this complaint out of concern for an incident that occurred with my 5 month daughter. On 06/24/19 at 10:57AM I received a ClassDojo message from my daughter's school stating she was involved in a biting incident with another child and attached the picture.

I went to the KinderCare over my lunch break at 11:30AM and spoke with the Assistant director and teacher that was caring for my daughter. When addressing my concern on this incident it was made clear that I was over reacting to this matter. I was told I didn't need to bring my daughter to the doctor. I was told because of my reaction, my daughter will now become a bitter.

I was also told kids bite that's what they do. My children have been attending this KinderCare location since my son was 18months and he now 3 years old as well as my daughter that is 5 months old. I noticed over the years this location is under staffed, poor communication, and I'm concerned for my children's safety. Since my daughter was 10 weeks old, she has attending this KinderCare location.

Each time I drop her off at 7:30AM, there are older children in her classroom between the ages of 2-5 years. My daughter is 5 months old and should not have been accessible to a mobile child for her to have bitten as bad as she is. Why was my daughter accessible to a mobile child for this incident to occur? This KinderCare has been giving me the run around with the true events that took place at the time of incident.

I was first told the child crawled over to my daughter and bite her, then I was told the child was not mobile that did this to her. I was also told the child that caused this injury was not in the classroom at the time I arrived on my lunch break. A new procedure needs to be put in place as immobile children should not be accessible to mobile children. Why are there 2-5 year old in the classroom with infants at the time of dropping off?

Why is there only one teacher caring for 10 plus infants in the mornings at the time of drop offs? I am very disappointed and well concerned the way this incident was handled. I have two children that attend this facility and have attended this facility since my son was 18 months old and he is now 3 years of age. The level of my concern is enough to pull both my children out of this facility and move to another location.

I would like to be assured something will be put in place for an incident like this to never take place again. My immobile, 5 month old daughter should have not been accessible to a mobile child for her to have the bite marks she has and the trauma she experienced is inexcusable.

Reason of review: Poor Communication, lack of accountability.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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This child was bitten because Kindercare is being run by satanists. They abuse the children, which is why the children are biting.

While parents are at work, thinking their children are safe at Kindercare, this place is using psychological warfare on your toddlers. They dress little 2 year old boys in princess outfits and when they go along with it, they are celebrated and rewarded. If they don't, then they are punished. This is to warp their little minds while they are still developing.

If any parents don't yet see that the gaygenda is satanic, just go do a little search on instagram and tumblr with the words satanic pride see what comes up.

I know this because I have seen it with my own eyes. Get your kids out of Kindercare parents!