A 3-year-old child's arm was hurt while a young assistant forced her coat on.Apparently the assistant voiced that she didn't pull her arm that hard to both the director and mother.

The child was not moving her arm and had not stopped crying since the incident, so her mother brought her to the emergency room. All the while a statement had to filed from KinderCare regarding the incident and while searching for EEC qualification numbers of the "Teacher" in charge at the time, it was found that the she had no such number and was not qualified to be alone with the children. Making two assistants on the playground with no legally qualified person when the incident went down. The mother finding that her daughter had stopped "babying" her arm turned away from the emergency room and made a rash decision in the parking lot of the hospital to not have her child seen.

Therefore the incident was not reported to EEC and the director and regional director never had admit the illegal activity!They are so crooked and the business as a whole is all about money, not people.

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I love KinderCare in Lakeville.Both of my children have attended since they were infants.

I have seen a lot of improvement over the past few months.It is sad that there are so many negative comments about such a great center.

to Anonymous Acushnet, Massachusetts, United States #775106

I cannot comment on this center directly, however I do have experience with Kindercare and other daycares.Unfortunately they tend to let you see only they what or need you to see.

No one can ever care for and love your children they way you can. Employees have stories of important safety issues not addressed due to budgets. Fully enrolled centers are looked upon with closed eyes by upper management and low enrolled centers are scrutinized and treated poorly. Of all my experiences with different daycares I can make a solid judgement that unfortunately KinderCare has their own wellness in mind not the childrens.

It's wonderful that you have found a loving place for yor children, but in order to get a true understanding of what Kindercare and other daycares are all about you need to experience behind the scenes. I would never allow my children, my nieces and nefews to attend daycare in general. This is coming from someone who has much experience working in daycares.

I could only care for my own classrooms the way I feel is ethical and loving.I didn't have control of other classrooms children and management and it was upsetting.....cameras in the classrooms are the way to go, I pray I can find the finances to build a daycare of my own someday and truly be able to say your children are my children.

to Loving Teacher Middleborough, Massachusetts, United States #799098

I agree, it is all about the money not a child's best interest.

Lakeville, Massachusetts, United States #751577

I'm not surprised!KinderCare in Lakeville has really gone down.

Both my children ages 6 and 8 now were full time students there and I loved some of the teachers! They were kind, helpful and loving to my children.....some others not so much! If it wasn't for my daughters Kindergarten teacher last year, I would have left and never looked back. My daughter now reads at a second grade level, most importantly she learned to care for others, to be kind and she has a super self-esteem!

I hear now that it is under new management, the children are not allowed to have fun and have parties, celebrate "special" days or anything. I'm so glad my child's last year was when things were positive, fun and loving. My daughters teacher was the best!!

We miss you Miss Sue!!:sigh

to mommy of two Brighton, Massachusetts, United States #751579

Ugg I know what you mean, I had bad experiences with Kindercare too!The company as a whole is all about the money not our children.

We too had a super teacher, unfortunately we pulled our children after our oldest graduated due to my toddler not being able to be with her sisters teacher that we loved.... at least for a few more years yet.

We miss our old teacher too, its too bad that these wonderful teachers are in such terrible workplaces.Kindercare is not worthy of such awesome teachers!

to Country Girl #799099

Its really sad isn't it. There are other daycare's out there that are the same. Its just a business!

to mommy of two Middleborough, Massachusetts, United States #751586

Kindercare in Lakeville hasn't been the same since last summer!Ha!

I know who you are talking about, hasn't she been there for over 15 years?! We pulled our toddler and preschooler out of there about a year ago. Some of the teachers were so nice! Just not my kids teachers :sigh We couldn't wait until our children were moved up to the good teachers rooms.

We had to weigh things out and it just wasn't worth it! A friend of mine still brings her child there because she adores her child's teacher.......she's been filling me in on all the happenings, or lack there of. Since the old director left last summer, things have gotten really bad!

Certainly not a fun place to grow anymore!Still trying to get my friend to come to my current daycare; I guess I'll have to wait until her baby "graduates" :)

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