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I loved my job and my company until changes in upper management created an environment of bullying and threats. My center was accredited, earned the highest ratings available in my state, and was very profitable--earning approx.

one million dollars yearly. But that wasn't enough. It was never enough. I worked roughly 14 hours per day and it took a toll on my health.

But I loved my children, families, and staff, and I knew we offered the best care in our community. Then I got a new field supervisor. Change can be hard, but in this case was necessary. However, I will not work for someone who is unethical and expects me to be the same way.

I was threatened with my job every day, which eventually affected my ability to manage my center properly. This happened to other directors in our area, and so calls were made to upper management and the ethics department. That director lost her job after those calls, which made the rest of us try to stay low and under the radar in fear for our own jobs. KinderCare is a for-profit corporation, but it used to have a heart.

Now they're in a mad scramble to increase profits to save the jobs of those at the top. And they use the yearly gallup surveys they do for staff and families to say how much everyone loves working and attending there. But they have to know that centers are so pressured to do well--to hit a certain "mark" with gallup--that at some centers management take the surveys themselves to avoid losing their jobs due to a low score. That makes it hard to match those scores if you do it honestly.

Everyone has their own line in the sand, and I ultimately had to leave a place I truly loved. I poured my heart and soul into my center, and the hardest thing I've ever done is to walk away. However, I am so happy and so appreciated now at my new job, and so glad I moved on.

After seeing this, now my previous co-workers (directors) want to move on as well. I just want KC to look--truly look--at what's happening in the field before every single one of their experienced, knowledgable professionals are gone.

Reason of review: Poor work environment / culture.

Preferred solution: Talk directly to CDs but without fear of retaliation from DMs.

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