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  • Aug 08
  • Kindergartens and Nurseries
  • Farmington, Utah
  • High Rates
  • 1
  • 244

Our son used to go to the Centerville location and 1month prior to the end of the school year for 2014 they told us that the center was closing and we needed to switch to another Kindercare or find other day care. We decieded to switch to Farmigton Kindercare with the agreement from the centerville director that our rates would stay the same for the first year. With-in the 1st month at the... Read more

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  • Aug 05
  • Ex Employees
  • Employees Wages
  • 1
  • 130

The past center I worked at was a KinderCare in Massachusetts. I've worked at numerous other centers that weren't corporate and let me tell you it's a world of a difference! KinderCare and it's CEO's are the most money hungry company I have ever seen or heard of in my life. Staff is CONSTANTLY over worked, and severely underpaid. KinderCare barely gives 20 cent raises every couple of years, even... Read more

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  • Aug 05
  • Kindergartens and Nurseries
  • Unfriendly Kindergarten Teacher
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  • 61

Do NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT send your children to Kindercare Intech Parkway in Indianapolis, IN. The director Terry Krohn is lazy as ***. Every time I would go to pick up my child she was very unfriendly and is always on her cell phone or at the computer sitting on her behind. She does not interact with parents or seems to even care for the children or her staff. I have called corporate on her and... Read more

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  • Aug 05
  • Kindergartens and Nurseries
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Filthy Facility
  • 95

I passed by to inspect this daycare because it was very close to our home. The person I scheduled the appointment with had a bit of an overassertive tone, one of the kids was sleeping in her office as a form of punichment for undesired behavior. That by itself was very concerning! The place had a foul and unbearable smell, I could not wait to exit and I felt sorry for the kids. They do require... Read more

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  • Jul 20
  • Kindergartens and Nurseries
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Flooded Toilets
  • 126

The toilets flooded and in matter of seconds the hall ways, and two classes were covered in water and ***! All the kids were moved to the toddler room. The kids stepped in it. Parents were not notified. The assistant director did not close down the center she had a couple employees clean up what they could. Parents were never notified that there children had stepped in ***. It was a bad call on... Read more

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  • Jun 25
  • Kids
  • Lincoln City, Oregon
  • Unequal Treatment
  • 102

Kindercare in Tualatin Oregon has different standards for teachers and director kids! The staff will outright show favoritism to their own children. There is a policy if your child is sick they can't return the next day, but they let their own children return to the center the next day. A child asked for a food item and was told no, but gave the same food item to the director's child and... Read more

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  • Jun 13
  • Kindergartens and Nurseries
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Poor Services
  • 133

This company is totally disorganized. I am shocked and appalled at the ratio's always over for one or more staff members.There aren't enough supplies for the children and staff to use.Children use paperplates that are extremely thin and their food goes through on the table, which is gross.Children left in the bathroom unattended. Staff taking off whenever and stressing the low amount of... Read more

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  • Jun 02
  • Kindergartens and Nurseries
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Bad Child Care
  • 2
  • 209

Kindercare is an awful place to work or send your children to. Corporate does not care about the children. The teachers and administration are what make the centers really work and they are the ones who truly care about the children(at least the one I worked at did). They ripped the carpet right out from under all the children, families, and all the staff at the kindercare I worked for. They gave... Read more

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  • Apr 21
  • Kindergartens and Nurseries
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Management
  • 6
  • 153

The Kindercare center in tulsa, Oklahoma. ( south Detroit) The current director is lazy and stays in her office all day and concerns herself with things that have nothing to do with the center. It is not a bad center there are few great teachers but the 3 and four year old teachers will truly fool you .... They will learn nothing ... Waste of money...... Some of the teachers rooms are filthy.... Read more

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  • Mar 31
  • Education
  • San Francisco, California
  • Employees Treatment
  • 4
  • 149

our cd has hired quite a few employees recently, and is treating the staff who has worked for a long time differently. we constantly get our hours cut as new employees need them, then on top of that they (new) are made false promises.that they shall get 40 hours. our cd does not like to step in the rooms , constantly leaves children and teachers out of ratio.our centre enrollment has gone down a... Read more

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